Want to plan an event? First determine if you want a private or a non-private event.

Private Event

As a private event, the area that you rent (wine house, brick oven area and/or pavilion or entire vineyard) is private for your event. In addition, you can have multiple designated tables for your guests (food, gifts, sign-in, etc.) and we can rearrange tables to meet your needs. Only your guests are invited into your rented area (restroom exception). As a private event, you can have your event for a minimum of 4 hours (see rental fee sheet). You can also choose an option to have a private bartender for your guests for $100. Wine club members receive discounted rates. 

Non-Private Event (between 8:00 -5:00)

As a non-private event, the area that you want may have strangers that are in and out of your event which may include children; in essence, we are open to the public.  No food tables, gift tables, etc.. are allowed for a Non-Private event. A good example of this may be a small gathering of friends when it doesn’t matter who else may be in the same area, including children. 

If your event/gathering has less than 20 guests, as long as you prepay for wine tastings (minimum of 20 and non-refundable) the rental fee is waived and you may have your event for up to two hours. Since it is a non-private event extra tables/chairs are not allowed.


1. I want to plan for a baby shower or rehearsal dinner or birthday party or retirement celebration.

This event generally requires multiple designated tables for gifts, sign-in, pastries, etc. In addition, privacy is preferred. Therefore, this is considered a Private Event.

2.I want to plan for a small friend gathering (<20 people) when Lara Vineyard is not open to the public.

This event generally does not require multiple designated tables for gifts, sign-in, pastries, etc. and complete privacy is not needed (the area is open to the public). This type of event does not require a rental fee for the facility, but we ask for minimum purchase of a wine tasting per person. 

3. I want to plan an event after 5:00 and when Lara Vineyard is not open to the public.

This event is considered after hours. Therefore, it is considered a private event 


Lara Vineyard has many food options for your event.

1. Lara Vineyard can prepare your food.  However, Lara Vineyard is more like a caterer rather than a single serving restaurant. When you order food from us Lara Vineyard offers food items in servings of 10 (see menu below). We can serve it to your guests (additional charges apply) or we can create a buffet style meal. 

2. Another option is for you to hire an caterer.  If you hire a caterer, Lara Vineyard cannot combine our menu options with the caterer's. In addition, our staff cannot assist in the serving and/or cleaning of the caterer’s food. Caterer is responsible for cleanup.

3. Another option is to bring your own food. If so, option 2 caterer's rules apply.

4. You can also choose a package deal of Brick Oven Pizzas , salad and a wine tasting for $26 per person (no etch glass included).  Minimum number of people must be 24. 


The following menu is for PRIVATE events only.